About MAC

The Montour Aqua Club (MAC) is a private, non-profit, competitive swim club. We are part of the Western Central Pennsylvania Swim League (WCPSL) and Allegheny Mountain Swimming organization (AMS), which is under the USA Swimming umbrella.

Our sessions are broken up as follows:

  • Fall: September through December
  • Winter: January through March
  • Spring: April through June
  • Summer: Sessions are planned annually and typically run about 6-7 weeks.

The club has a parent-run Board of Directors. The Board governs the activities of the club and is bound by club by-laws. All officers are parent volunteers. Ideally we would like each position to serve 2 years. A new Board is elected each March.



  • Properly perform the four competitive strokes according to USA Swimming rules
  • Properly perform the competitive skills of all types of starts and turns
  • Compete in all appropriate age group swim meets
  • Make reasonable progress in skills and performance times


  • Develop competitive swimmers with excellent skills and techniques
  • Develop swimmers with the necessary strength and endurance
  • Develop swimmers with a love for the sport
  • Facilitate long-term development and improvement
  • Develop swimmers that are confident in their abilities
  • Develop swimmers that seek and accept new challenges